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You have a vision that will shape the future of your church. Whether you are seeking to conduct a capital campaign for new buildings, renovation/expansion, debt reduction, or any other type of fundraising, a church capital campaign can help your church take a substantial leap forward in the fulfillment of its God-given vision for ministry. At the same time, one misstep can set plans back years, or lead to disagreements that can divide congregations. With so much at stake, you need to get it right.

That’s where we come in. We have helped conduct hundreds of church capital campaigns that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for churches just like yours.

Our church capital campaigns are crafted to include powerful preaching and teaching on Biblical stewardship, creative messaging, leadership challenges, and celebratory gatherings all working together in a way that will accelerate generosity to empower your church to meet its goal.

Before launching your church’s capital campaign, it is critically important that you choose a consulting firm who shares your beliefs and values and has the proven knowledge, skills, and experience to help you navigate through your entire campaign, from the first meeting all the way to fulfillment of the final commitments.

Our team has extensive experience guiding churches through successful church capital campaigns. Why not contact us today to discuss how we can assist your church in meeting its goals?

Our Five-Step Process for Church Capital Campaigns

We will customize a campaign plan to fit the unique situation of your church, using the framework of our signature five-phase church capital campaign process, built on a foundation of best practices learned over our 30+ years’ experience conducting hundreds of campaigns.

Click on any of the stages shown in the campaign phases infographic for information about each step your church will go through.

Advance Planning & Preparations

4 to 6 weeks

• Design capital campaign plan and set master calendar
• Recruit capital campaign leadership team directors
• Craft initial draft of campaign case for support
• Initial coaching calls with all Directors; cast vision and outline general goals
• Create logo and select overall design themes for capital campaign
• Data review and segmentation for leadership approaches
• Initial planning for leadership research, personal meetings and leadership meetings
• Prayer for campaign and leadership team

Organizing Teams & Gearing Up

6 to 8 weeks

• Work with Senior Pastor to select teaching materials and determine broad outline for sermon series
• Determine and arrange plans for guest speaker(s) – as appropriate/desired.
• Finalize case for support, theme, tagline, logo, etc.
• Determine print and media needed and set plans and timeline for production
• Produce first draft of copy/design for print materials, and “story-boards” for media
• Individual coaching calls with all Team Directors and Campaign Manager
• Steering team positions filled with input from Directors and Capital Campaign Manager
• Giving chart and capital campaign goal finalized
• Finalize planning for individual approaches and Leadership Challenge Meetings
• Orientation and brain-storming meetings with children and youth leaders
• Major event concepts determined, site selected and initial planning begun
• Prayer for campaign and leadership team

Leadership Challenge / Final Preparations

6 to 10 weeks

• Write, design, and produce capital campaign promotional materials
• Produce campaign multi-media presentation (including web pages)
• Ongoing coaching calls with all Team Directors and Campaign Manager
• Train teams and provide job descriptions and “marching orders” to all
• Campaign Briefings and Leadership Challenge Meetings confirmed and begun
• Major event plans finalized and organized
• Confirmation and final arrangements made for guest speaker(s)
• Sermon outlines/resources provided
• Select and order stewardship training resources
• Train small group leaders
• Prayer for campaign and leadership team

Congregational Presentation

4 to 6 weeks

• Sermon series and stewardship training begins
• Secure leadership commitments and announce leadership giving totals
• Maintain exposure and generate excitement and momentum for the campaign
• Finalize preparations for Prayer covering, Capital Campaign Launch Event(s), Commitment Sunday, Celebration Sunday and First Fruit Offering
• Launch campaign with a kick-off event
• 24-hour prayer vigil preceding Commitment Sunday
• Celebration Sunday / First Fruit Offerings

Strong Finish

1 to 3 Years

Reaching the commitment goal for your church’s capital campaign is cause to celebrate, but it doesn’t mean your work is done. In truth, this is only the beginning – a capital campaign is not complete until the last pledge is collected, and that can take years. For a church capital campaign to succeed in the long run, you must finish strong.

Here’s what you can expect during the last phase:
• Celebration Sunday
• First Fruit Offering
• Plan and launch follow-up program to collect commitments, ensure ongoing campaign visibility, incorporate new families, etc.
• Pledge Collections
• New Member Communications
• Milestone Events & Special Offerings

Case Study:

Church Capital Campaign Case Study | Lake Hills Church

DB&A completed a successful multi-million dollar capital campaign to renovate facilities at two separate campuses, including expanding both sanctuaries, growing the children and youth ministry spaces, adding adult classrooms, upgrading the fellowship hall & kitchen, and a complete refresh of the church exterior.

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Why choose DB&A to help you with your next church capital campaign? Learn more about what sets us apart from other consulting firms...

God-Honoring. First and foremost, we will strive to conduct a program that will bring honor to the Lord and respect to your church. Every part of the program must meet the high standards acceptable to the Christian community.

Vision-Centered. Our campaigns are not about the money. Instead, we center everything around achieving the vision you have for your church. When people buy into a vision, they will naturally invest their money as well.

Best-Practice Model. We will walk you through a structured Five-Phase Church Stewardship Campaign process that incorporates best practices based on our more than 30 years’ experience managing hundreds of capital campaigns.

Custom-Fit to Your Church. At the same time, however, we don’t just tell you what to do and hand you a three ring binder. Each church and each situation is unique. We will work with you to design a customized capital campaign plan that will be the best fit for your church’s unique set of needs, circumstances, budget, and personality.

Bible-Based. Our approach is more about teaching Biblical stewardship than it is about fund-raising. When people learn to embrace God’s call to generosity, it not only changes their lives, it will transform the life of your church.

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