We have helped hundreds of Christian and private schools raise the money they need to build their vision.

Serving Christian & Private Schools Since 1985

Dickerson, Bakker & Associates has more than 30 years’ experience guiding Christian and private schools through successful campaigns. We have helped conduct hundreds of capital campaigns that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our team has been in your shoes. Our founder is a former high school coach and faculty member and has a doctorate in educational administration. Our President cut his teeth in fundraising as a Christian school development director. Many of our team members have served on Boards and committees at Christian or private schools where their own children have attended. In short, we don’t just know about the challenges and opportunities you face; we’ve lived it.

Our consultants have extensive experience guiding schools through successful capital campaigns. Whether you are looking to conduct a campaign for new buildings, athletic facilities, debt reduction, an endowment, or any other type of major fundraising campaign, we are experts in providing the counsel and assistance to successfully complete a campaign. We would welcome the opportunity to assist your school turn your vision into reality.

Our Five-Step Process for Capital Campaigns

We will customize a campaign plan to fit your school’s unique situation, constructed against the framework of our five-phase process and incorporating best practices based on our 30+ years of experience conducting hundreds of campaigns.

Click on any of the stages shown in the campaign phases infographic for information about each step your school will go through.

Feasibility Study

90 Days
A pre-campaign feasibility study is an essential element of any major school capital campaign. The purpose of the feasibility study is to provide an internal assessment of your school’s readiness, and an external assessment of the willingness and ability of the school’s constituency to support the campaign should be conducted. When this study is well executed, it can provide focus, momentum & strengthen critical donor relationships for the entire campaign.
Here’s what you can expect during this first phase with the feasibility study:
·      Assess strength of the case for support
·      Recommend a realistic goal
·      Review likely sources of support
·      Estimate budget, timeline, and plan of action
·      Identify campaign leadership
·      Uncover negative factors needing to be addressed

Pre-Campaign Planning

60 to 90 days
·      Determine the campaign structure
·      Research advance gift prospects
·      Goal setting for each sub-group
·      Staff and volunteer leadership recruitment and training
·      Craft the campaign case for support
·      Produce campaign printed materials, audio-visual, and digital media 

Leadership Giving

6 months or more
The quiet phase of your campaign is when we set up personal meetings with people in your circles who may be able to give at a high level. These major contributors will have a big impact on the outcome of your campaign but require extra care & attention. The quiet phase is vital to setting your campaign up for success.
Here is what you can expect during this third phase of Leadership Giving & Quiet Phase:
·      Solicit advance gifts from staff, Board, and other insiders
·      Solicit leadership gifts from top tier donors and prospects, comprising at least 50% and ideally 70% or more of the total campaign goal 

Public Campaign

4 to 6 Months or more
After the quiet phase goal is reached, we will embark on the fourth phase of the campaign, the public phase. This phase will kick-off the campaign launch and will continue to seek smaller leadership gifts & general donations to help reach it’s final goal.
Here’s what you can expect during this fourth phase of the public campaign:
·      Launch campaign with public event(s)
·      Roll out campaign to all constituent groups to challenge every possible donor in as effective a way as possible to commit to the campaign
·      Conduct a series of high-visibility events and activities to raise general donations toward the campaign


2 – 3 Years
Reaching the commitment goal for your campaign is cause to celebrate, but it doesn’t mean your work is done. In truth, this is only the beginning – a capital campaign is not complete until the last pledge is collected, and that can take years. For a capital campaign to succeed in the long run, you must finish strong.
Here is what you can expect during this final phase of campaign fulfillment:
·      Close out campaign with a celebratory event (e.g. ribbon cutting)
·      Ensure pledge commitments are paid and donors are properly stewarded through to completion of their commitments to the campaign

Case Study:

Capital Campaign Case Study ~ Lodi Christian School

DB&A successfully completed a multi-million dollar capital campaign, which provided the financing needed for Lodi Christian School to construct a 32,000 sq ft school building in a central location, adjacent to a Christian High School. This provided the rapidly expanding school with additional classrooms equipped with modern technology, a multi-purpose gym, a kitchen with a concession area, ample office space, two softball fields; a new soccer field, new playground and equipment; and increased campus security.

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Case Study:

Capital Campaign Case Study ~ Billings Christian School

DB&A successfully completed a $1.9 million dollar capital campaign to provide the funds needed for construction of a 10,000 sq ft gymnasium at Billings Christian School. This represented the final phase of the build-out of the school's initial campus master plan, providing a critically-needed gathering space for athletics and other activities such as plays, band concerts, and physical education classes.

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Case Study:

Capital Campaign Case Study ~ White Rock Christian Academy

DB&A successfully completed a multi-million dollar capital campaign, which provided the equity financing needed for construction of a 47,000 sq ft two-story school building with underground parking. This represented the first phase of a complete campus redevelopment plan for White Rock Christian Academy, allowing for increased enrollment, expanded programs, better learning environments, enhanced technologies, and a safer, more inviting school community.

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We've had a great experience with Dickerson-Bakker. They are more than just a consulting firm; they embody and practice genuine partnership. For any Christian school looking to build or increase funding capacity, they are the ones to call.
Amy Weir, Head Administrator ~ Liberty Preparatory Christian Academy

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