Our team has helped hundreds of organizations just like yours raise hundreds of millions of dollars for their capital campaigns, and we welcome the opportunity to help you with your campaign.

We invite you to compare DB&A to any other capital campaign consulting firm and see how others measure up. We are confident that no other capital campaign consultant can match what we offer…

More than three decades of service

Founded in 1985, Dickerson, Bakker & Associates has an unbroken track record of providing professional capital campaign consulting services to nonprofit clients for more than thirty years. Our team members have led hundreds of capital campaigns, and there are few issues that can come up in a campaign that we have not already faced and overcome.

Hundreds of millions of dollars raised

We have helped hundreds of organizations raise hundreds of millions of dollars through capital campaigns to build, renovate, or expand facilities, purchase land or property, advance programs, retire debt, and/or grow their endowment.

Full-time, professional consultants

Most capital campaign consulting firms are comprised of contractors who work on campaigns part-time. Not us. We are a team of professional, full-time consultants who will take your campaign as seriously as you do.

Unparalleled expertise in major gift development

Big gifts add up faster. Most people understand this simple fact: major gifts are crucial to campaign success. When it comes to landing major gifts for a campaign, however, there is nothing simple about it. We are experts at major giving. In fact we have an entire division at our firm that is dedicated to helping nonprofits improve their effectiveness in major giving. When it comes to helping you land those critical major gifts for your campaign, no other firm will come close to matching what we have to offer.

Full-service capabilities

We are not here just to provide advice or counsel to your campaign. We represent one of only a handful of capital campaign consulting firms offering a full scope of in-house services to help you complete your campaign successfully. Will you need help creating communications media and print materials for your capital campaign? We can do that. Need help crafting a complex proposal for a Foundation grant? We can do that. Need help planning and organizing a campaign event? We can do that. Not every client needs everything we have to offer, but it’s good to know the support is there when you need it.

Customized campaign plans, built on a foundation of best practices

Your organization is unique. We understand that. You don’t need a cookie cutter plan in a three-ring binder. We will work with you to create an individualized campaign plan that will fit your unique circumstances. At the same time, however, we will construct your campaign plan on a foundation of best practices we have learned over the more than three decades we have been doing campaigns.

Over a thousand clients served

We work with a wide variety of nonprofits, faith-based and secular, small to large, across the spectrum from those seeking to simply meet individual needs in their local communities to those hoping to make a global impact for eternity.

Local impact… with a global reach

With our corporate office in North Carolina and consulting team offices across the country, we partner with groups all throughout the United States as well as in Canada and overseas. Although we specialize in conducting capital campaigns for churches, Christian schools, and colleges/universities, we serve a wide variety of other types of nonprofit organizations as well, including  rescue missions, camps, and national/international organizations, among many others.

Learn about the values that characterize our company


Our faith is what inflames our passion to do what we do. Even though we do not exclusively serve faith-based organizations, each member of our team possesses a strong sense of Christian calling to ministry service. Our approach to church capital campaigns in particular is founded on helping the members of your congregation grow in Biblical generosity. When we learn to view generosity from God’s perspective, allowing Him to not only transform our hearts and minds, but also our wallets, authentic and abundant generosity will invariably follow.

True Partnership

We are passionate about the work that our clients do. When you sign on with us as a client, we make your mission our mission. No doubt you’ve heard stories about consultants who pour on the charm and make a slick sales pitch to sell you a campaign package but then hardly show up when the real work starts.

When you choose to partner with us as a client, we commit to being alongside you every step of the way, shoulder to shoulder until the job is done. We do what we say we’re going to do, and usually even more.

Individualized Service

Your organization and situation are unique. You need a customized plan for your campaign, not a cookie-cutter program in a three-ring binder.

We are committed to working with you to design individualized services that fit your own set of organizational needs, circumstances, and budget.

Professional Expertise

We have worked hard to build a team of market-leading professionals who are recognized as experts in their fields. Typically having ten or more years of experience, each of our team members are full-time professional consultants with a proven track record of achieving real success.

We don’t just talk a good game. Because at the end of the day it’s not about being the smartest person in the room, it’s about knowing how to get things done.

A capital campaign is a complex undertaking. It is critically important that it be done right, and you generally only have one shot at it. With so much at stake, most groups wisely choose to retain a capital campaign consulting firm to help guide their capital campaign through to a successful completion.   Whether you need help beginning a new campaign or turning around a stalled or troubled campaign, we would welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.
- DERRIC BAKKER | President - Dickerson, Bakker & Associates

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